Slim, Smart, Stunning

X-Board 3 Smart AIO LED display
Deep integration, plug and play

Integrating fine pitch led display technology, 2K/4K high-definition display,android system,video conferencing,IOT control,Harman audio,and more

Fine pitch Led display technology
2K/4K high-Definition display
Video conferencing
Android 8.0
Mobile control
High end audio
Smooth & high quality image by powerful core

Powerfull AI processing, hyperchromatic technology and hyperimage processing technology, 2K resolution,Enjoy beauty of details

Minimalism but maximum beauty
Perfect integration of technology and art,minimalist frame,streamline aesthetics,minimalism modeling,108/135/163/216 for option
Wireless screen share

Supports central control, wireless screen share

Multi screens interactive

Support 9 windows at the same time

Scene mode, Adjust as you like
Smart Meeting
Command Center
Easy for use and maintenance
User friendly system, humanized design, optional standard and touch version
Multiple application cases
Smart Meeting
Home Theater
Art exhibition
Large Events