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COLED® is a highend commercial LED display brand of CLT, the initiator of commercial LED displ-ay concepts, the 1st smart commercial LED display overall solution service provider in China,COLED® has developed a total of 40 LED all-in-one LED display and is the first to create the world's thinnest (25mm) LED smart all-in-one LED display. The world's first folding and lifting indoor all-in-one LED display won the German IF Design Award.
About CLT
Established in 2007, CLT is a national high-tech enterprise, integrating R&D, design, production, operation, marketing and service. mainly engaged in LED display business (LED small pitch professional display and commercial LED display system integration solutions.
Commercial Display Revenue
17 years
Establishment of the company
Types of AIO led display
100000 + square meters
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