Innovation & evolution

X-Board 4 All-in-one LED display
Deep integration, plug and play

Integrating fine pitch led display technology, 2K/4K high-definition display,

Android system, video conferencing, IOT control, Harman sound and more.

Fine pitch Led display technology
2K/4K high-definition display
Video conferencing
Android 9.0
Mobile control
Harman audio
Vivid color, quality details

Powerfull AI processing, hyperchromatic technology and hyperimage processing technology, 2K/4K

HDR,clearer, more natural and more realistic than traditional LED displays

Less thickness, more options for sizes
Redefine the beauty of technology, thinnest thickness in the world, 108/135/163/216 for options
Handheld butler, IoT control

COLED handheld butler IoT intelligent control, wireless projection, one-click streaming, smart

split-screen, scene switching, smarter and simpler.

Multi-signal processing,

one screen for multiple uses

Supports PIP and PBP functions. A single screen can support up to 4 signals input at the same time;

and support screen share with 9 control terminals.

Scene mode, Adjust as you like
Meeting Scenarios
Entertainment Scenarios
Educational Scenarios
Different installation styles for option
Wall-mounted, ground stacking.
More surprises
Special designed speakers
Optional system
OTA upgrading