MAKE HEADWAYS! CLT made a brilliant appearance at the US Infocomm exhibition!

Jun 19. 2023

From June 14th to June 16th, US time, the 2023 American Audio-Visual Technology and System Integration Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as "InfoComm Exhibition") was held in Orlando, Florida, USA. CLT brought the world's first folding and lifting all-in-one machine solution, naked-eye 3D solution, stage rental solution, digital advertising exhibition display solution, and intelligent conference collaboration solution. After the International Professional Lighting and Sound Exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany in May, CLT accelerated to go out to sea, another feat of riding the wind and waves.

The INFOCOMM exhibition is the largest professional audio-visual exhibition in North America. It is held alternately in Las Vegas and Orlando every year. The exhibition exhibits thousands of products, covering audio, unified communication, video, control, digital signage, home automation, Security, VR and Live Events. It is reported that this year's INFOCOMM exhibition in the United States has an exhibition area of 45,000 square meters, attracting 100,000 professionals and exhibitors from all over the world.

As a domestic veteran small-pitch LED display service provider and a leading LED commercial display system integrator, CLT has participated in this exhibition for many years. The biggest highlight of this year is undoubtedly CLT's naked-eye 3D large screen combined with creative dinosaur video content, bringing realistic and immersive visual effects with strong impact. There is also a new product just released by CLT in May, the indoor and outdoor standardized stage rental product - Symphony II, with delicate colors and lifelike display, which is widely used in outdoor concerts, outdoor wedding construction, hotel layout and other scenes.

In addition, its commercial display brand "Kuode" all-in-one machine for lifting and folding, LED conference all-in-one machine, is also the industry's first inward folding technology, the base can realize 65cm anti-collision lifting, easy folding, convenient transportation, breaking the trouble of traditional LED screen installation and debugging, The shackles that are difficult to move are eagerly concerned by multinational buyers.

According to Mr. Li, General Manager of Commercial Display BU at the scene, COLED is a high-end commercial display brand under CLT, the initiator of the commercial display concept, and the first overall solution provider for smart commercial displays in China. Relying on CLTs nearly 20 With years of technology accumulation and comprehensive advantages of the entire industry chain, since the commercial display concept was proposed in 2015, 35 LED all-in-one machines have been developed, the world's thinnest (25mm) LED smart all-in-one machine, and the world's first folding and lifting all-in-one machine. And won the German IF Design Award".

In addition, the "Kuode" LED smart poster screen also shines brightly. The product has exquisite picture quality, high-definition display, high brightness, high refresh and other characteristics. It is widely used in airport stations, shopping malls, supermarkets, and retail chains. and other commercial display fields. At the same time, it supports 2-6 cascade splicing large-screen display and playback, which can be separated or combined, which is convenient and fast.

Since the layout of overseas markets in 2015, the layout of CLT LED display business has covered the whole world, and the overseas sales momentum is strong. At present, it has covered many regional markets such as Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East, Africa, South Africa, and America, and has been recognized by nearly 3,000 overseas customers. highly recognition.  products are not only technologically advanced, but also actively advocate the concept of green environmental protection and integrate it into product development and solutions. According to Mr. Huang, head of CLT R&D, "The standby power of CLT's 135-inch LED folding and lifting all-in-one machine is only 0.5W, and the product has extremely excellent energy efficiency. So far, it is the only company in the industry to achieve this. a little bit". At the same time, recyclable and degradable new polymer materials are used in the design and manufacturing process, and green environmental protection and sustainable development are deeply embedded in the product genes.


In the future, CLT will continue to be committed to technological innovation, energy conservation and environmental protection, and create greater commercial value for customers by providing efficient and reliable solutions.